Learn How To Make Money With Google Adsense

Do you have a personal blog, website or a YouTube channel? Well, you can make money with Google Adsense as long as you follow the webmaster guidelines.

Let me begin by explaining what Google Adsense is all about.

This is a free service by Google designed for publishers. It gives publishers an opportunity to monetize their content. It is one of the most popular advertising programs. The reasons for its popularity include:

– They pay on time.
– Easy to configure and use
– Legitimate way to earn money online.

Most people are always excited when they think of making money online. However, it is not obvious that people who display these adverts by Google earn a lot of money. This is not a “get rich quick scheme”. You must invest your time and resources. So, how do you earn from your adverts?

Normally, you earn money whenever your visitors click on these adverts. The amount of money you earn per click will depend the amount of money a business owner spends on an advert. It implies that, the amount of money from Google Adsense will depend on your web traffic. Don’t mobilize your family members to click these adverts. Google will suspend your account.

Having said all this, let me take you through a step-by-step process on how to make money with Google Adsense:

Develop a web property:
This may include a website, blog or YouTube channel. You can only apply for this program if you have a web property. It is this simple:
1. Think of a market niche; you can decide to write about shoes designs, SEO, marketing, etc.
2. Choose a domain name; one that is easy to remember.
3. Design and host your website.
4. Follow all webmaster guidelines as you create and post content.

For a YouTube channel:
1. Create a Gmail account.
2. Create a channel
3. Verify your identity and check video monetization option.
4. Upload original videos.

Before you apply for an Adsense account, ask yourself these simple questions:
1. Does my website have useful information?
2. Is the website user friendly?
3. Is it responsive?

Apply for a Google Adsense account:
When your property is set, you can apply for a Google Adsense account. Under normal circumstances, you will get feedback within 7 working days. At times, your application may be rejected. Try to fix all issues that Google team has highlighted and reapply again. As a general rule, ensure your website/blog has more than 40 pages. The length of the content may vary between 2000 words and 300 words. Again, check whether the pages are indexed. You can use this format: site:yourdomain.

Google Adsense account approved:
Log in to your Google Adsense account and generate the HTML codes. You should copy paste these codes on your advert section. At times, it may take nearly 5 days before adverts begin to appear. Don’t worry, they will. This is most common with websites whose applications had been declined before by the Google team.

When you have opted to make money with Google Adsense, always strive to increase your web traffic. You must ensure that the website or YouTube channel has relevant content. It involves hard work and determination.

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